Middle Division Yearbook Photos - FramingTheLight

Please visit this website to view proofs/previews of the photos. Orders for 8th Grade Yearbook portrait packages will be accepted once the student's photos have been published on this website.

Remember: all the proceeds go toward the cost of publication of the 2018 Middle DIvision yearbook

Package “A”

3 large (8x10)

4 medium (5x7)

8 regular (4x6)

24 wallet size (2x3)

Package “B”

2 large (8x10)

3 medium (5x7)

10 regular (4x6)

36 wallet size (2x3)

The price of either package is $ 40. The 8th Graders in theMiddle Division will receive an order form to bring home. Please fill out the order form and return to Dr. Lansang. UPDATE: You can DOWNLOAD a copy of the order form so you can print it out at home. Fill out the form, then take a PHOTO of the completed form. Then, email the photo of the completed form to Dr. Lansang. (his email address is on the form).

CLICK HERE to download the order form.

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